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New York City Matrimonial/Divorce Attorney

We are committed to helping clients in New York City and the immediately surrounding areas with all their divorce issues. Selected for inclusion in the New York Super Lawyers Rising Stars list, our attorney, Ms. Blum, is highly successful as a trial attorney and applies her litigation skills to every case.

Uncontested Or Contested Divorce

A common misunderstanding about an uncontested divorce is that to proceed as uncontested, you do not need to be in full agreement with your spouse at the onset. A settlement agreement can be negotiated in which all matters pertaining to you, your family, your assets and your liabilities can be resolved. It is important that both parties understand their rights when seeking an uncontested divorce and that the necessary voluminous paperwork is prepared properly. In preparing for your uncontested divorce, it is wise to seek the advice of a competent matrimonial and divorce attorney.

A contested divorce is adversarial by nature. We make the process less stressful by being supportive while remaining your zealous advocates. Our office handles each step of the process, including, but not limited to, initiating your contested divorce, seeking temporary and final relief pertaining to custody and visitation, child support and spousal support, use and occupancy of your home, litigating financial matters, handling emergency matters, and obtaining your divorce. We try to resolve your concerns as swiftly as possible with your needs and most favorable outcome in mind.

Separation Agreements

Some married couples are not ready to divorce, or it is not in their best interest to do so, but they wish to separate. It is wise in this situation to have a legally enforceable separation agreement and matrimonial and divorce attorney. We can help you navigate, negotiate and arrive at one.

Modification Of Divorce Agreements And Orders And Enforcement Actions

With time, your needs or the needs of your children may change. A modification proceeding can be initiated on your behalf to attempt to modify child support, custody and visitation, and financial provisions. We go the extra mile to help clients both in and out of court in an attempt to reach a favorable modification or resolution.

Even when the issues have been decided, and there is a court order, oftentimes, the need arises for a party to bring an enforcement action to seek the other’s compliance as a result of their default on an obligation. A lot of money can be at stake, or the safety and welfare of your children. Consulting with us can bring you peace of mind.

Pre- And Postnuptial Agreements

We assist our clients by preparing both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, ensuring that assets are protected and individual needs are met. Prenuptial agreements are entered into before marriage and can solidify the parties’ desires. Postnuptial agreements are made after the parties have already married and determine how various assets and rights are to be divided in the event of separation. Clients receive dedicated service and feel a sense of comfort with how their concerns are handled and in knowing that they are protected.

Enforcement Actions

When the issues have been decided and there is a court order, there is often still a need to have the court order compliance with those orders. we will aggressively help clients with these problems.


Having a full understanding of the issues that arise when parties divorce and how matters are typically resolved, we are able to assess whether appealing your judgment of divorce is a good choice for you. By utilizing our extensive research and analytical skills, we are able and accomplished to handle your case efficiently. 

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