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Find Legal Help For Your Child Support Order

Child support calculations are an important part of any custody decision. In support proceedings, the support magistrate can ratify an agreement between parties or order the payment of child support to one party.

A standard calculation that requires the disclosure of financial information determines this amount. An attorney can assist with this disclosure process and ensure your documents are in order.

Speak with our attorneys today for legal assistance with child support in New York City.

How To Implement Child Support

Child support is a necessary provision to safeguard your child’s future. These payments can:

  • Support your child’s education
  • Provide your child’s basic necessities
  • Maintain your child’s standard of living

While divorce, separation and custody battles are difficult to endure, ensuring the financial stability and comfort of your child can help ease this stress. If you need an attorney to assist with your child support case, contact us at Deborah J. Blum, Esq..

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