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Federal Criminal Defense

Federal court is unlike most state courts. The charges are often more serious. The environment is more intense. Federal court dockets are very crowded, and it’s important to have an attorney who knows what they’re doing.

Prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office is very well-funded and they have sophisticated support staff. They are prosecuting cases built by the highest level of law enforcement in the nation, including the FBI, DEA, IRS and other federal agencies. Investigations may have been in development for years before indictments or charges are actually filed.

Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

What this means is you have little time to waste finding an attorney and building an effective defense. At Deborah J. Blum, Esq., we are experienced in representing clients in the high-pressure atmosphere of federal court. We know what it takes to develop a successful defense for the wide variety of criminal charges that can be brought in federal court.

If you have been charged with or know you are the target of an investigation for any of the following, call us today at 646-741-6449.

  • Computer offenses
  • Criminal forfeiture
  • Drug trafficking and related conspiracy charges
  • Environmental offenses
  • Firearm sales and trafficking
  • Medicare fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Motions to terminate probation
  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Narcotics and drug trafficking
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Racketeering and RICO charges
  • Sex crimes
  • Tax evasion
  • Weapon/firearms possession
  • Wire fraud

The Risk Of Speaking To Federal Officers

If you are under investigation by any federal agency, it is important to understand your risk. Making false statements to federal officers is a federal crime. If you make a casual response to a question from an FBI, IRS, Customs and Border protections, or ANY federal agency, and it is false, you could be charged with a federal crime in addition to any additional charges stemming from the investigation.

Because many federal crimes carry mandatory minimum sentences, prosecutors can stack charges in such a way as to pressure the accused to agree to the terms of the prosecutor’s plea deal.

You need an aggressive defense that challenges every single charge and works to dismiss or diminish the ability of the prosecutors’ office to manipulate you into a corner. We at Deborah J. Blum, Esq., are skilled at dealing with these complexities and work to undermine charges, evidence and witnesses that will be used against you.

Let Us Speak For You

The importance of letting an attorney speak for you in all interactions with law enforcement cannot be overstated. When police speak with you, no matter how casual it may appear, they are always looking for information.

The longer you speak to them, the greater the risk of saying something that the prosecutor can turn against you. The Miranda warning of “Anything you say can and will be used against you” is not an idle threat.

When you are under arrest, you want to ask for an attorney and then stop talking altogether. We can handle all necessary communication with police and prosecutors and protect your rights and interests.

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